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PLAYING MUSIC has been a big part of Marshall's life since he was a kid.  From an early age he has played music of all styles. PLAYING MUSIC is his passion.
He began playing in his father's band at 12 years old. Before long he was playing for other professional groups in Chattanooga TN where he grew up. For a while, he was a studio musician in the late 70's. 
When he graduated from high school, instead of attending the traditional parties, he got on a tour bus and spent several years on the road playing music professionally. When he was 18 he played on the GRAND OLE OPRY on a Saturday night.  
This interest and desire to PLAY MUSIC and share the gift of music has not abated in the last 40 plus years. Marshall has played music with many amazing musicians and singers since this journey began when he was 12 years old.  

Performance Clips

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